Path by Plywood


Go from Dreaming to Doing

Introducing Path by Plywood – a collaborative learning experience for social entrepreneurs.

Are you looking to bring a dream into existence? Is there a team you lead and see problems everywhere, but wonder how to create a culture of creative solutions?

You want life to have meaning, but don’t have time for education, or people to encourage you.


Path is a 6-week community-driven learning experience taking your passion fueled ideas and turning them into purpose driven work for people wanting to make things better in our world.

Learn from Innovators and Pioneers


We’ve collaborated with active entrepreneurs to curate a journey of exclusive content each day. It’s the best from the best. The content ranges from videos, interviews, and exercises, taking no longer than 15 minutes, designed to help you go from dreaming to doing. Each day you will leave feeling inspired, challenged, and empowered to take your ideas to the next level. 


Brad Montague
Founder of Kid President


Eryn Erickson
Founder of So Worth Loving


Doug Shipman
Creator of The Human and Civil Rights Museum


Leroy Barber
Executive Director of Hope Mob


Ryan Gravel
Creator of the Atlanta Beltline



Callie Murray
Founder of The Big Fake Wedding


Aaron Fortner
City Planner


Jeremy Cowart
World Renowned Photographer


Monica Lage
Founder of Break Into Business


Andy Levine
Founder of Sixthman


Joe Bunting
The Write Practice


Kohl Crecelius
Founder of Krochet Kids

And many more.
Plus, the Founder of Plywood...

Jeff Shinabarger
Jeff a social entrepreneur and the author of More or Less and Yes or No. Jeff is Executive Director of Plywood People and has a vision to make Atlanta a center for social innovation, while personally engaging in over 200 problem solving start-ups.

Designed for you


Path is for individuals, groups, and teams who have a desire to be problem solvers. This course is for anyone with the desire to change the world and an idea to do it. Sign up for a digital group and be connected to 9 others through technology. Lead or join a local community of doers that want to learn together to enhance your city. Or start building a culture of problem solving and entrepreneurship as a team within your company and learn together.


The Innovative Activist
You have already seen a problem and are actively pursuing innovative solutions. Your passion and energy are endless because you can’t shake the need to solve problems. If the people around you are challenging you to build sustainable solutions, this is your guide. 

The Purpose Seeker
Your lens is internally focused. You have a sense that you could be doing more to make a difference, but you don’t know where to turn or how to use your abilities to best help others. Circles keep going through your head of what you might do next, but you are unsure of how or where to begin. You are looking for clarity and direction.

The Creative Entrepreneur
You are walking into this process wanting to do something more with your business. You already care deeply about generosity, but wonder how you could take what you’re doing now and make a larger impact. You are looking for a way to do more with your abilities through life and work.

The Mission Minded Team
Your work has a deep sense of mission and a few of you are working to create a culture of problem solving. Working in a company or organization, you have a shared mission that is greater than money. You are looking to improve your team through building a culture of problem solving, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking.


What Others are Saying

"The best part was meeting and walking with other folks who were in various stages of bringing ideas to life."

Lea Ann

"Path by Plywood was the exact action I needed to take to bring my idea to life; the relationships built, lessons learned, and support offered were powerful and purposeful."



"I have started a couple of different businesses and have enjoyed great success and total failure. This course helped me to ask some questions and discuss the impact. It allowed me to think through some questions that I didn’t know I didn’t know…"


"What sets apart Path by Plywood from all the other entrepreneurial coaching, classes, and books I've studied are the excellent questions you are challenged to answer. These questions have forced me to find the focus and direction that I need in my work."


The process to make progress

Learn As We
Every participant will be instantly connecting with nine others to work through problems together through the learning and with a weekly in-person or Google Hangout meet-up. 

Wisdom Doers
Learn from 24 leading social entrepreneurs. Each week starts with a short e-book from Jeff Shinabarger (Founder of Plywood), and includes video content, written interviews, reflective challenges, and group meetups. 

Questions for Days
Each day you will have a minimum of three questions that will apply your learning to your work, with the opportunity to gain and give feedback with your peers.

You get access to the course material for one year, but we believe the relationships you form in your groups will last you a lifetime. Path participants will also be invited to a private Facebook group for the Plywood People community. Facilitated by a member of the Plywood team, you’ll be able to ask questions, make connections and continue to build relationships with other likeminded leaders.

Modern Designed Curriculum
We have crafted a push process to get what you need daily, on your phone and everywhere you go.

Shaping Tomorrow Now
This learning process has already been proven with over 200 projects in the last 3 years and now we get the opportunity to release it to you. The purpose is simply to make tomorrow a better place.

Opportunities Beyond
Up to five Path participants will be chosen to present in Plywood’s annual Idea Competition. The top ideas will have the opportunity to share their idea on stage in front of over 800 like-minded people at Plywood Presents. The winner, as chosen by the audience, receives a $5000 grant and a year of startup support to make their idea come to life, including a year of office access at Plywood Place and monthly mentorship meetings with leaders in our community.

Money-Back Guarantee
We feel strongly that this course will make your work better, so we’re offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you finish this course and are not satisfied, we will give you a FULL refund.


Today, they may be dreams.
Tomorrow, they'll be done.

We believe that together we create better. Whether you join with a team, or are placed in a group, we are launching an exclusive new software designed to make each day a community effort. If we really want to make the world a better place, we need a community of changemakers to go to work.

Enrollment is now open.

Reserve your spot below, and a Plywood team member will follow up with details about the launch date.


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