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Sample Week

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Your First Week of Path


What is the problem I am solving?

Lesson 1 | Read
The Rise of the Problem Solver:
Jeff Shinabarger, Founder of Plywood
(15 minutes)

Lesson 2 | Watch
Interview: Brad Montague, Founder of Kid President
(12 minutes)

Lesson 3 | Watch
Keynote: Monica Lage, Founder of Break into Business
(7 minutes)

Lesson 4 | Read
Liz Forkin Bohannon, Founder of Sseko Designs
(6 minutes)

Lesson 5 | Watch
Story: Brian and Keri Fosse, Founders of Lalabu
(3 minutes)

Lesson 6 | Watch
Presentation: Neil Blumenthal, Founder of Warby Parker
(28 minutes)

Lesson 7 | Challenge
Reach out to five friends today, and ask them the following question: What do you think about {this problem I am trying to solve}? Consider this your first mini focus group. For accountability's sake, write the names of the people you reached out to in the answer form below, and be prepared to talk about your findings in the weekly group meet-up. 
(10 minutes)


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